90 and 180 degree usb-c Cables

Just posting here for anyone thats interested. I just got some 90 degree usb adaptors and also a 180 degree usb cable. These are both for the 10" HD screen. After installing I prefer the 180 degree for my installation but thought i would pass the links on. If you search on Amazon for 180 degree usb c cable there is longer 6 ft cables if needed.

180 degree usb c cable

90 degree usb c adapter


Yep, they work well. I went with these;

Braided 180º usb c cable

Do these work for the touch screen as one USB C cable I bought, the touchscreen wouldn’t work?

I have one installed on the middle usb c on monitor and touch screen works. The top one has power symbol

Watkins - those look amazing! I can seem them in my future.


How did you manage to flip the screen? Or is that the stock sized panel?

I went with the larger screen, but in the default orientation the cables stick out on the right hand side where they kind of interfere with things. There doesn’t seem to be a screen flip gyro or anything like on most panels, but I could just be missing something?

I’ll definitely be working on an improved mounting set-up but if I could just flip those cables out of the way that would be good for the meantime.

@reticent_fly @mb0978 Here is link from another post that has instructions on how to flip the screen. See post by Mike Burford You will need to ssh into the controller and run some commands.


I have the 10.8 screen and it worked for me. At first I had same issue it was rotated but no touch screen. You have to be careful with the syntax on line 12 from the instructions from @mb0978