Usb ports on controller

Hi all! I just received my OF and have it set up. I upgraded to the 10" screen due to the fact my eyes are getting worse and my fingers are fat. I was under the assumption that any one of the four usb hubs would work with the controller. On three of them I get a “No Signal” and the one that does work is loose fitting and disconnects with ease. Is this a question for the support team? Thanks in advance! On a separate topic, is there a way to calibrate the touchscreen to the touch? I already busted a endmill bit because the button I thought I was touching was not a different button because of calibration and I jammed the bit into the touchprobe, a $30.00 mistake before I even turned the router on.

For the 10" screen, there is one HDMI port to HDMI port (for video). Then, the usb c with the lightning bolt on the port goes to the wall adapter to the wall power outlet for power. Finally, the other usb c port goes to the back of the controller in any one of the 4 usb ports for touch.
To get the right video size, ALWAYS turn the screen on BEFORE turning on the controller. The controller reads the screen (if it’s on) to know what size it should adjust to before displaying video.