Larger touch screen issues

I recently just got my machine and the larger touch screen has no touch function. It also just flashes the magedok logo and will not disappear. But when I unplug the hdmi from the controller it stops flashing and says no signal.
Any help would be much appreciated.

Try swapping the 2 USB C cords that are plugged into the monitor. Plug the bottom one in the top and top in the bottom. I had the cords reversed and the touch wouldn’t work but when I swapped them, it was all good.

I had the same issue two weeks ago when I got my machine and Jonathan was right, make sure you plug in the one cord to the power supply and not the USB on the control board.

I did not have a problem with my touch screen, but I did get two different colored USB to USB-C cables so I would not get them mixed up.

So I tried swapping and it didn’t work, I honestly think the screen is just shot on it for some reason. It will start to work for about a minute then just start flashing the magedok blue screen.

Hi Jarod,
Since I can’t see how your cables are set up, make sure the top cable (HDMI) is plugged into the screen and the control box. The next slot on the monitor is plugged into the control box USB port and the bottom slot on the monitor is plugged into the white USB adapter that is plugged in to the power bar.
You can also see if your control unit is powering up properly. Do you have a remote for your unit? If you do, start up your unit and wait for about 45 seconds, you will hear you machine move a little when your system is running and the program has completed it’s loading cycle. If you have the remote, power it up and see if you can move the head.
Hope this helps