Screen resolution

No matter what i do with turning the screen on first, changing the hdmi cable to a better one, making sure the usbs are in the correct way, or having the 10" monitor plugged into a seperate outlet nothing makes the screen display in the correct resolution. It always resorts back to 640x480 60hz. Which makes pressing buttons difficult :thinking: whats the solution?? Fyi this is day 3 of building and owning my first cnc so be gentle!

Update! After going through all the suggested fixes and finding one that suggests taking the controller apart and removing the hdmi lead that lives in the box and plugging the monitor hdmi directly into the board the screen booted up with the correct resolution. Of course this is not a permanent fix as i wouldnt use the cnc with the controller open. So i guess i contact @OnefinityCNC and see what their solution is??

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Yes @OnefinityCNC support is great.