Screen aspect ratio fix for large monitor

ref. buildbotics forum

  1. SSH to your cnc using user and password.

  2. Run the following, ignore inside the brackets:
    a. sudo mount -o remount,rw /boot [makes the file system writable]
    b. sudo nano /boot/config.txt [edit the config file]

  3. Scroll down about a page and you’ll find something similar to this:

    Change the values to your screen resolution. Ctrl^o to save, confirm changes with Y and then Ctrl^x to exit the editor.
    I replaced 1280 with 1920
    I replaced 720 with 1080

  4. Run the following, ignore inside the brackets:
    a. sudo mount -o remount,ro /boot [mounts file system as read only]
    b. sudo reboot [resets the machine]


On most screens, you can actually just comment out the framebuffer_wdith and framebuffer_height lines, and the graphics system will just flex to the resolution of the screen.

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I have hooked up a 19" Philips monitor to the machine and it is working but the image is actually too big for the screen. On the left flyout menu, items are displayed but missing the first characters: i.e.:

  • otors
  • ettings
  • etwork, etc.
    Would this fix this issue?

Also, I tried to adjust the width and height using the monitor itself, but there are no controls available within.


Have you ajust your setting according to David Carley recommandation?

No, not yet. I wanted to check if this would resolve the issue first :slight_smile: