UC100 / G540 = relatively cheap & easy aftermarket controller solution

Anyone looking for one of the easiest aftermarket controller solutions might want to take a look at the UC100 controller and UCCNC software. The UC100 controller when paired with a Gecko G540 4-axis driver literally makes the controller-to-stepper driver plug & play. What’s left is to wire up the motor outputs to the motors, limit switches, and power supply to the G540. This is not a stand-alone solution, and requires a computer.

I totally forgot about this until I ran across my UC100 controller the other day. At $400 it’s a relatively cheap solution with good components, and everything is very well supported. It’s about as easy as it gets. I used this setup on a mini CNC mill I built a few years ago. The software has a very easy interface, (much cleaner than Mach 3, IMO) and is very easy to configure. The G540 stepper driver is a proven powerhouse and would be a good unit that’s reusable with future controller upgrades. I probably would have used this on my Onefinity setup, but I prefer to not have a PC in the shop. I may jump to this solution if my DDCS controller ever dies though.

Mini mill using UCCNC software with UC100 controller paired with Gecko G540

This view shows the G540 on the back of the mill. You can see the UC100 module plugged into the G540. A mini USB cable connects this to the PC running UCCNC.


Thanks for posting!
A really nice, compact and interesting setup on your mini mill!

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