New Acorn 6 axis

Centroid just recently released a new 6 axis controller. USA only sales for now.


Thanks for the news @TMToronto . I’ve thought about an Acorn upgrade, but probably not going to take the leap yet. This would open up even more possibilities. Definitely a jump in price though too.

It adds up as well quickly, especially if one wants a truly 5 axis CNC, as it requires significant added software and hardware costs.

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I’ve appreciated seeing your posts about your build. Gives me plenty of food for thought. Would like to try something similar, someday …

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Anyone have an idea for a relatively inexpensive 4 axis controller replacement that would not be a huge amount of work? Does such a thing exist?

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I would have the same question, looking for a new controller

I’ve been looking at UCCNC, with an UC300ETH, which is less than $200. Still need drivers and a little more stuff - and a PC to run it on (which I have plenty of). The hardest part is wiring and mounting sensors (no stall homing). I want to do this primarily to get a true rotary axis set up - and for a fun shop project!