Upgrade 32 x 16 to 32 x 32


I currently have a 32 x 16 machine that I would like to make larger. There is no way to upgrade through onefinety, which is fine. But I would love to make larger without having to buy all new equipment.

I was wondering if there are after market rails and ball screws that can be purchased to make my unit 32 x 32? Has anyone done this successfully?

No one has. Or, at least, no one has posted this on social media or the forums. It’s also not supported or warrantied by Onefinity.

Maybe consider selling your 32x16 model to recoup a good portion of the cost and then purchase a new 32x32? I think it’s outside the normal use of the infinite possibilities upgrade program, but maybe there’s something that can be worked out there. Not sure I’d be comfortable taking the whole machine apart in an attempt to add capacity.