What should I order!

hi there everyone…
I’m a newbie… from Iceland.
looking to invest in a CNC … I like the onefinity… trying to figure out, what to order. what I need to get this machine started and make my first piece.
I want the Journeyman 48 by 32…
What do you recommend I should buy/order ??? …I mean what do I need to order from the Onefinity ??

and one more question. Is it possible to upgrade the machine to get even bigger material into the table?

pls help
thank you !

Hey Ole,

this is frequently asked, if you ask me, I would say, this. Others answered here and here

There is no upgrade for the Journeyman, it’s the biggest machine that Onefinity offers so far, but since it is a CNC machine that is open on the front and on the rear, you can do projects of inifinite length by having the machine process the workpiece step by step (search for ‘tiled’). The workarea width of Journeyman is 1220 mm.

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I had a Shapeoko, with a smaller size 400mm x 400m. It had belt drive system which makes the whole thing quite weak in my view, with smaller stepper motors.
I’ve only just got my Onefinity Woodworker but it I’m not regretting the purchase. Its robust and the software is very good. The cables could do with being more robust - but they are better than those on the Shapeoko.
When you buy, make sure to list out all the extras you will need to go with the infinity.
Design Software for 3D
Router / Spindle
Dust Collection (you’ll need it eventually)