VCarve Inlay Project - Help Request

I am in the middle of my first INLAY sign project and need some help to complete it. So far I have the female POCKET cut using a 60 degree V tool. Looks great. I am now working on the male INLAY component. I used a .25 end mill to clear the flat areas and it also looks great. Now comes the question. I am using the same V tool to finish the fine tuning of the Inlay. I just don’t know how to set the X, Y and Z coordinates so the V tool executes the finish cuts correctly. I am a newbie so I’m confused! NOTE: After running the male INLAY clearing process last night it was late so I simply shut down the computer. Now I’m ready to run the V tool to finish the male Inlay and just need to know how to orient the tool. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.