VCarve inlay warping

I’ve had some trouble with the endgrain boards warping on the vcarve inlays I’ve done, and I think it’s because you I have to use so much glue that it affects the moisture content of one side of the board…and that results in warping.

I was thinking that using epoxy might prevent this. Has anyone else tried this?

I’ve not tried epoxy, but are your inlays end grain as well?


Most, yes. But not all.

Were the boards stable before the inlay? You sure it’s the inlay and not just the board? I’ve had cutting boards without inlays warp on me more than once.

How thick are these cutting boards? How deep is the inlay?


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There is nothing wrong with making this inquiry here.

I have found that neither wood glue nor epoxy will prevent warping under various conditions, as well as over time where ambient moisture can vary outside the workshop.

As Deconefall indicated, the moisture content being stable before use is critical. There should also be consideration for types of wood being used, soft vs hardwood.

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How thick are your boards? Do you have some pics?

Typically .75 to 1.0".

It’s almost time to clean up the shop for the summer and focus on outdoor activities and staying cool. It’s too hot in the garage in south texas. I’m going to glue up a bunch of boards and let them sit for several months and see if that makes them more stable.

I also bought a drum sander, so that should make the cleanup a bit easier as well.

I suspect the thickness is the issue @quesohusker

if your board is .75 thick, and you do even 3/8 deep inlay you’re halfway through the board. I think it would be easy to put enough pressure on the inlay side when you pound in a few pieces to overpower the remaining 3/8 and get a warped board.

If you watch Broinwood or any of the other YTers like Ryan you’ll notice their boards are more like 2" thick.


Hey @quesohusker,

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