VCarve Pro Allowance Offset Problem

I’m new to VCarve Pro so I’m probably missing something simple here.

I’m creating oak tap handles with an aluminum topper using my 1F Woodworker. I previously did a run using Carbide Create without the following problem.

Basically, using a climb cut on the aluminum topper resulted in the part being too large for the pocket in the oak, even though all of the dimensions match in VCarve Pro. I also added a -.005 offset to the pocket thinking this would give me a bit of extra room.

Is the difference between the climb and conventional cut direction the problem? If so, why is this happening and how can I accurately set up a job to machine the part to the correct size?

I’ve attached several photos that should help explain my issue.

Here are a couple of VCarve Pro screenshots for the project.

If I am reading your toolpath setup screens correctly, you are using two different bits one for pocketing the wood, another for machining the aluminum…that can easily account for your problem; between different flute geometries and the fact that bit sizes are nominal (not perfect), you don’t get a fit unless you use the same bit for both toolpaths. You might try using your calipers to get exact diameters on each bit and adjust accordingly in your tool database, or find a bit that is usable for both wood and aluminum and use it.

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