Trouble with toolpath

I have an x50 woodworker.
I am using Vcarve Pro 11.5.
I am working on this serving tray.
Oval Tray

I’ll attach my crv file and the toolpath.

I am trying to cut out a simple pocket toolpath on the bottom side to make the handle area thinner.
my 1f starts the carve and makes one pass, then hickups when starting the second pass and goes off script. I have tried to restart the toolpath several times, even restarting the 1F.
I have recreated the toolpath and get the same results.

toolpath and CRV file:
oval tray handles.crv (3.7 MB)
8 Handle Pocket 1-4 endmill.ngc (298.5 KB)
Wondering if someone could take a look and show me the error of my ways.

The ngc file looks fine to me viewing it in
Did the machine make any kind of grinding or clunking sounds when it went ‘off script’? This could indicate lost steps - which I believe is very small radii being taken at too fast of feed. But I am not sure of all the underlying reasons for lost steps. I have never had them happen (touch wood).

Can you describe exactly what it’s doing on the second pass?

Anyone else get a virus warning when trying to download the oval tray files?

yes it did seemed to be hammering or clunking like when you home the x axis and it hammers a couple of times before finding “home”
I think you might be on to something when you talk about a very small radii being taken a too fast of feed.

would there be some kind of error message that might point to lost steps?

not sure what that is about.
I have virus protection and it is up to date.

Today I was able to download the 2 files. No virus warnings and when I scanned the files, no problems. Quickly looking at them, I don’t see any problem right off, but I will keep looking.