VFD breaking resistor

I would be interested to hear from spindle owners who added a breaking resistor to their VFD in order to further decrease deceleration times. Was deceleration time significantly reduced? Did you have prior fault alarms upon Estop that are now eliminated with the use of the resistor? What breaking resistor specs did you choose to match the 2.2Kw sized spindle that many have chosen? I appreciate your insights.

I have a 2.2kw spindle and the recommendation was to use a 300watt, 100 ohm braking resistor.

I have ordered one and will report back how it works.

Thank you for the reply - it’s appreciated. I look forward to your results. I had reviewed the discussions involving breaking resistors, and from my research and VFD manual am fairly confident in the spec range that is appropriate, I just don’t have the real life experience to know its impact. I am currently building my VFD enclosure, and have received all the electrical components for it, so now is the time to decide on the breaking resistor as it will require space and an appropriate location within the enclosure. I always like to future proof, so the breaking resister seemed like a good investment, especially since I want to have a very low deceleration time, while having a robust overall electrical system, and in particular an effective safety circuit.

I added one. Absolutely necessary. See: Braking Resistor - #7 by AndyP

I had prior fault alarms.
Ramp down is good but i have yet to apply. @Aiph5u suggested parameter change.

Thank you for sharing that - I appreciate it. I will move forward with my selection and purchase of breaking resistor.