VFD spindle water pump

So ive finally decided to go down the spindle route an purchased a spindle an VFD, (always a risk, as who knows what it will be like when it turns up), however i was pleasantly surprised when it turned up 2 days later, however the supplied aviation socket doesn’t fit the spindle (here we go), so ordered another one today hoping that will fit.
I also separately ordered a water pump for the spindle however now that it has arrived i notice it has no bearings, just a soft peace of rubber, needless to say this won’t last 5 minutes. My whole point of buying a machine like the Onefinity an a spindle was to be able to run for several hours without worrying about anything failing, however i simply cant see any quality water pumps that state they have bearings, my question is, has anyone used any other form of pump ie an inline pump, why does it have to be submersible, as long as the L/min are the same or am i missing something?

Most of the pumps I have seen are placed in the bottom of a tank/bucket which is then filled with water/antifreeze mixture which is pumped into the spindle thus cooling it. Something similar to a ‘pond pump’ will usually suffice.

yes that was my thoughts as well, it says 3500 L/H, ill have at look at some fish pumps an see if anything’s suitable, ill let you know if i find anything compatible

I am using this one and happy with it. It is overkill. Amazon.com: XCFDP Generic Industrial Water Chiller Machine Refrigeration Type Water Cooling Equipment Household 110V 9L Large Capacity Laser Cutting Machine High-Speed Spindle CNC Tools: Pet Supplies

wow, just had a look, thats a serious piece of kit, never thought of a water chiller, i assume at that quality it has bearings on the spindle, ive just been looking at this pump, its around £84 on amazon

, although i have now realised that most fish pond pumps are only 200 - 400 L/H where as the spindle pumps are 3500 L/H average, may end up going for the water chiller as you suggest, although its more than i wanted to spend on a a pump it would be cheaper in the long run as a failure would mean spindle an work piece destroyed, many thanks for the suggestion