Vinyl Cutting Question

Does anyone know what kind of cutter that would be available for Cutting Vinyl like a Cricut or Silhouette Cameo Crafting machine. There are some other CNC machines that have spring loaded Cutters for vinyl. Really would rather spend money on my CNC that buying another device that will more likely just be dust catcher.

A drag knife. This is from Etsy.

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Yes go to this website. Carbide 3d Has a cutter that fits right in your chuck of your router.

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The Cricut fine point blade which is used for 95% of vinyl cutting is spring loaded and after market ones are easily available Explore Deep Cut Blade with Housing Compatible with Cricut Maker, Maker 3, Air 3, Air 2, Air, One, Explore 3(2 Blades) Black : Home & Kitchen
I am sure it would be fairly easy to make a holder with a 3d printer or scratch built from mdf or plastic.
It may be worth purchasing a cricut mat to hold the vinyl while being cut
Good Luck