Svg files for vinyl cutters

I am wondering if it is practical to use svg files for vinyl cutters and import into V Carve to use. Is this a common practice or practical method?

absolutely. they should be interchangable.

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Whatever gives you what you want. Vectric put SVG inport in there for a reason.

I have both Vcarve and a vinyl cutter. Yes they are interchangeable. Just beware all SVGs are not good SVGs. For example, a curve could be one smooth move or lots of jagged moves to look like a curve. It may have a pretty close match when work is completed but one is more efficient than the other. This was a lesson we learned when buying a SVG file from someone.

Would you recommend somewhere to buy svg files or is it basically a crap shoot

Thanks for replying I will definitely be looking into that for inspiration

Thanks I’m waiting on my licence so I can start poking around in there

I don’t keep a list of who I buy from (I should), but when I need something I do a search like “vcarve files marines” OR “svg files marines” This will get you a lot of hits. I buy from someone that has a lot of good reviews. You still may get crap. But most of the ones are really cheap. $2-5. Depends on complexity.

I only buy one if it will save me time doing it myself. Time is money.

Also…make sure they give you permission to sell products created from the files. Most will do this…they just say you can’t sell anyone the files themselves.

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Ok thanks for recommendations and info

Yes, this a common practice and practical method. we have both Vcarve and a vinyl cutter plotter. we also have an essy cut studio software, it supports tracing any raster graphics to vector images ready for vinyl cutter plotter.