Want to see a CNC router in action

I’m looking to buy a CNC router, but before I spend close to $3,000, I’d like to see a Onefinity machine in use. Can anyone in the Ottawa/Montreal area help?
Larry Sherman (a new guy here)

Hi Larry - I’m assuming you mean live, face 2 face? There are plenty of videos on the Internet of the OF working and cutting.


I do mean face-to-face. I’ve watched many videos, and it is just not the same as in the flesh, to coin a phrase. I’m a visual artist and work with my hands. I need to see the item IRL.

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did you get any help ( i am a new guy also)

Nope, but I ordered a Woodworker anyway

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I am nowhere near you geographically but I’ll gladly offer to do a virtual show and tell if that sounds useful to you.

Thanks for the offer, but I did some more online research, and ordered a Woodworker.

Congratulations! You won’t be disappointed.

I guess I’ll find out in September, when mine is due to be built.