Web Interface / Controller very sluggish

Okay everyone. I have gone through a series of troubleshooting steps and some diagnostics.

I have restarted the controller, watched the output from htop while a carve is going on, and watching the web interface. My configuration includes:
Woodworker x-35
Version 1.0.8 of the firmware
the game pad from Onefinity
a USB web cam

What I am observing is a successful carve. But the data being sent back to the controller’s sensors, so that it can be displayed via the web interface, are erratic. The video is extremely choppy, and the calculations made for time elapsed/remaining and what line of gcode the controller is on, get mangled, misformatted, and change rather infrequently.
I’m curious if anyone else has experienced this, and if they had, if there is a fix/update/test I can do.

I’m wondering if the chromium cache is part of the problem. I can try clearing that out, but wanted to ask first in case 1F wanted the data.

Thanks all!

Remove the webcam, observe its performance. 1080p or above webcams require much more horsepower than the 720p one we recommend.

I can do that during my next carve.
I did have the camera detached for a couple of other carves, and I can state that I did still see some wonky math in the time calculations, but because there was no camera, there was no sluggish video to see. =)

In either case, the history of htop never really showed the pi struggling, which I found to not meet my expectations. I figured if the web interface was struggling, it was because the pi was struggling.

Thanks for the quick reply, I will check back in later.