Webcam sent my machine spinning

I hooked up the recommended web cam ( And as soon as I hooked it up my machine started doing weird things. I was suddenly unable to “click” on the touch screen. The cursor would move, but it wouldn’t “push buttons”. I could still control the machine over the web app.

I tried restarting and when I went to home the machine it just kept rehoming over and over again, it would home on each axis then back off a bit, then rehome, then back off on another axis, rehome, etc.

It also just started moving on it’s own at one point, don’t know what was happening, I wasn’t at the screen and I immediately pushed the emergency stop button.

Needless to say I unhooked the webcam. I had to restart a few times and to get it to stop glitching. I also reconfigured the machine. I don’t know if that actually helped or not.

I guess I won’t use the webcam feature. But this whole experience kind of freaked me out. Is there a way to do a hard reset to make sure the bugs are all cleared. I also can’t get it to forget my network.