Web cam hooked to controller

When web cam is plugged into controller…when i power controller on it will not let me do anything and i get an error…if i unplug cam it works properly

Which make/model webcam?

Does the webcam work OK with your PC?

Nexigo web cam…if i leave it unplugged.turn it on. Then plugg it in it works fine. I just cant leave it plugged in before turning it on. Which is a pain

I’m using this one. I leave it plugged into the controller and no issues so far.

I also used the Logitech C920 from my PC and had no issues with it but needed to get one I could dedicate to the CNC as I need the Logitech for Zoom meetings.

It was dirt cheap (I paid $11.04, right now it is $13.99) so I figured if it didn’t work no biggie.


I ran into this same issue after the most recent update. Controller boots with usb error code and locks up. It was causing my touchscreen to boot with errors too but after unplugging the webcam I haven’t had any issues since. I thought maybe I just needed a new cam so have not looked into this further. Was working before the update but I did not want to roll the update back just to troubleshoot it.

I have had my display blank a few times and I suspected the webcam first thing because I had recently installed it and it’s also a cheap one. But I had the problem of the display going blank even after removing the webcam and rebooting the controller so it is not looking like the webcam is to blame in my case. Still investigating here.

Maybe look at your cable separation as you may be getting some EMI.