Camera Causing Application to Crash?

I recently plugged in a web camera to my Onefinity X50 running version 1.0.9 and noticed that the web application is crashing periodically. Fortunately this has not happened in the middle of a job. I generally leave the controller on during the day and have found the web application to be in a crashed state since plugging in the camera.

The only thing that has changed in my setup is the addition of the camera. I unplugged the camera and there have been no more crashes.

Is this a known issue? I did a quick search and didn’t see anyone talking about it.

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Yes, very known. Camera must be 720p or lower. Higher resolution pulls too much power and data.

Many have opted for stand alone wyze cams.


Great. Thanks for the quick reply. The camera was one I found in a drawer of spare computer parts so no big loss.

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The linked Wyze camera is advertised as a 1080p camera, so how does it work if 720p is the limit?

You would not hook it up to the controller. The wyze has its own built in wifi with it’s own app.

Would using a powered USB hub fix the issue or is the data side enough on its own to cause issues?

If I had to guess, I would say that it is more of a data issue than power. Perhaps the Chrome tab is running out of memory. I was able to simply refresh the tab to restart the web app. But it crashed again later. I imagine the higher the resolution the faster it will crash. My camera was old so I doubt it was 1080p.

But it might be worth a try. I wouldn’t try it while running a job though.

BTW - I looked a little deeper into the online resources and didn’t find this limitation documented in the Buildbotics manual or an FAQ. There was a reference in the Onefinity forum, though kind of buried. We might want to add an FAQ on this issue.

Can I assume that should a crash like this occur during a job would the CNC simply stop moving?


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Awesome! Looks great. Thanks for the quick action on that.

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