Wyze Cam, yes or no?

Seems a lot of you are using the $25 wyze cam from Amazon. Price is certainly right. All I really want is something for live viewing to check on my machine if I happen to step out of the shop and to record so I can play back any incidents that might occur. Also need to create videos and time-lapses for social media.
Any reason not to go this route?
Is it worth the hassle to integrate into the Onefinity controller? Not sure I see the benefits of this.
Does it really need a microSD card or can I just record straight to my phone via Wifi?

Time lapse yes, live view yes. Need an SD for recording outside of motion alerts I believe.

Love mine

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Love mine, but haven’t integrated it with the Onefinity controller. Just works out of the box.

I use them in my 3d printing setup. I have the pan and tilt versions so I can tilt up to see if there is a problem with the filament feed or pan around to see my second printer. While it would be possible to integrate it into octoprint similar to what you’re talking about in OF, I prefer to keep it as is out of the box.

I own two and it’s kind of awkward switching between them (can’t watch both at a smaller scale at once), in general I highly recommend them.

Note also, when I got my second one they were pushing their for pay service a lot more aggressively than they were when I got my first. For my application I don’t need the features of the service.

lol, I thought I was going to be finding out about a new CAM application… :rofl:

+1 to what BJ said. I’ve used mine for recording and watching my 3D printer, and I’m definitely moving them out to the CNC when it’s running.

I don’t see much benefit to going through the 1F controller for live video. It’s nice that it’s integrated into the interface for sure, but I imagine it is “laggy” and would just burden the RPI processor unnecessarily. Wyze all the way!

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Another vote for Wyze. I love their products. The new V3 cam has incredible night vision, in case you’re curious. My V3 doubles as a security camera for the shop, but I stick the camera’s magnetic base to the top screws on the front rail end-piece when I’m doing long jobs and just monitor it with my phone. If you buy a Wyze plug or two, you could attach the controller and router to the plugs and kill power remotely via the Wyze app in an emergency.


Speaking of the Wyze plug, does anyone have experience using them with the Onefinity? It’s advertised to support 15 amps, so I think it should work. Does anyone see any problems with it? Since the controller is using a Raspberry Pi, it should be shut down properly, but I would only cut the power in case of emergency.

I use one on the controller instead of using the toggle switch on it. That allows me to turn it on from in the house to upload files and whatnot. Everything else is separate.