USB Webcam Mount

I am looking for several beta testers for a USB camera mount that I am designing that would screw right into the Onefinity and give you plenty of height so that you could see your machine at work. My hope would be to pick some people that would be willing to share their thoughts with me and to social media. Message me if you are interested!


I’d love to beta test for ya, I’ve got my webcam up and operational.


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You can add me to the list. I currently have the recommended RasPi Friendly Logitech C270. Right now the Onefinity is in a 10’x16’ shed about 35’ from the house. I haven’t set up the wifi connection yet but I will probably tomorrow.

Congratulations to @garrett1812, @MindOfMcClure, and @Chopski for being chosen to be the Beta testers for the USB Webcam mount. I just sent you all an email!

Yes sir I’d be honored to be a beta tester I promise nothing less than complete honesty thank you

Just sent you my address… looking forward to checking out the latest warez! :+1:

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Awesome Design Peter!

For those of you who’ve been waiting for the feedback on the @RowdyRoman webcam tower the wait is over (at least one guy’s perspective on things :speech_balloon: )

The Cam Tower (Sorry Peter just the name that stuck with me) mounts to any of the available corners of the machine (if you have his vac arm attachment which I totally recommend if you don’t) then then its the same mount and pole system. Once mounted it elevates your webcam so it gives you a great perspective of your work. The head attachment is angled down and comes with a piece of Velcro to help secure various brands of cam. Most of the brands that clip over the top of your monitor or screen will work perfectly… as you see mine clips in perfectly even without the Velcro (which was a later decision to add).

There is a set of 3 cord retainers that keep the USB cord out of the way, and during my user I had no issues with it interfering with the OF movement at all.

Peter can comment on when these will be available for purchase on his Etsy Store but if you’re going to use a webcam and want clear line of site to your work in progress, its defiantly a good option.

In full disclosure: I was given a BETA unit to test and give my feedback on, and was not paid for this feedback nor do I receive any revenue from sales of @RowdyRoman Etsy store sales!


@MindOfMcClure Thanks for the awesome post
The Mount will be available Oct 5th


My pleasure Peter :metal:

Hey Alex, what webcam are you using there? Going to look at purchasing a webcam along with this mount when it goes on the Etsy store.


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Hey Roger, I originally bought a traditional USB webcam from Amazon and to be perfectly honest IMO the Buildbotics controller on a Pi3 just does not have the ponies to push that many devices. If it were running on a Pi4 it would be a different conversation.

Be it as it may: I bought a Wyze camera and I would never go back to a USB cam. Peter’s mount worked perfectly for it. I just used the included magnet mount ring and bolted it to the mount on the USB tower and Boom. Perfect Video.


This cam for anyone on the fence (and that is not my link, I make nothing off of it) is the way to go. The video quality and refresh rate is almost instant. The mobile app lets you view it from anywhere both in and out of the house. Although I never recommend leaving your machine running when your not home!!

Anyway hope that helps… here is an updated picture with the WYZE installed on the tower.


Thanks a lot for the reply, I will look into that. That’s a great price and I’ve read good things about wyze cameras on amazon. I think it’ll work great for the ability to check on the machine and progress if I ever have to run out of the shop for a few mins.

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Yes and it also has audio so you can clearly hear if there is an issue as well. I could hear when I broke a bit, that the machine was running but not cutting over the app so that was very cool!!

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That’s always a plus. Now if only November would hurry and get here so I can get my Onefinity in and start using it.


Unfortunately that is one I CANNOT help with!!



I used a Wyze on mine too. RoudyRoman’s stand works perfectly.


you stepped up and got the big boy… do you find a need for the pan feature? I can see my entire deck in a stationary one. I know its only $12 more for the pan model… just curious.

It expands the view to the corners a bit, and let’s me pan over to see (though somewhat sideways) my water cooling reservoir. But not much more view than the regular Wyze cam. It mounts with a screw, so no sticky tape. I mostly used it because it over one of the regular Wyze cams because this one wasn’t being used at the moment.

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Makes sense… smok’em if you got’em

The USB Webcam mount is up on my Etsy Shop