Cam Set-up Ideas and Advice

What are some of the easier and better cam set-ups some of you all have.

I ordered the suck it pro boot but I then have seen versions that sucks from the back of the machine.

The purpose of the cam is two-fold 1. To video the amazingness of the machine and what it makes and 2 to keep an eye on things as I do “Honey Dew” lists around the house.

I will be using a router and hopefully a lighted ring.

I have ordered the foreman elite so I don’t know if it would be better mounting from a corner for a wide view or on the router (z-axis).

Any and all advice is well appreciated and so is humor….

I’ll start off. I was thinking of the light bulb cam……you know the one they advertise on TV and the interwebs….seems to work well in the bedroom……LOL

Thanks in advance for everything you all are awesome!!!

I tried a webcam connected to the controller and that didn’t work well. Now I’m using one of these: Wyze Cam Pan 2 I only use it for monitoring to see if anything is FUBAR. Cheap and easy. You probably want a Go Pro or something like that if you want quality. Problem I see is that you’ll need it ON the Z-axis to really see what’s going on. The dust attachment will also impede the view. One guy here had a setup that seemed pretty good; I forget who.

PWNCNC sells a Go Pro mount, but he also has the files available for download if you have a 3D printer. Link

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Thanks for the info

I have an old go pro hero it’s like 1.5” x 1.5” and was thinking of that

I was just wondering what other people had out there I will check out the Wyze cam

Thanks again