What webcam can be used

A webcam can be used to monitor the cutting on the x-35/x50 machines with the buildbotics controller.

This webcam MUST be 720p or lower. We recommend this: Amazon.com

Any webcam that is over 720p (i.e. 1080p) requires more electrical power than the controller can give via it’s usb ports and has more data streamed than the controller can handle. If plugged in, it can lead to anomalies.

Some users have opted for the superior Wyze cams (not plugged directly to the buildbotics controller) as they are 1080p and allow for recording video via an sd card and have their own built in Wi-Fi with phone apps for monitoring: Amazon.com

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This is another option that does NOT connect to the Onefinity controller, but it has been a fantastic camera.
This camera connects to wifi and can be accessed using their app for live viewing or if there is motion or people detected.
There is also an option to link up to 9 (I think) cameras to the app.
No subscription, record indefinitely with motion sensing, custom detection zones, 16gb memory card included


Preston, Thanks for the post. My shop is connected to my outside garage. I think a camera would be nice during those long runs when I want to be in the house. I know nothing to little about webcams.

I have a google mesh devise in the shop for stronger Wifi. I have an iphone.

Does the camera power plug into a wall outlet? (easy for me to do).

Amazon gives two choices 32 BL or 32 BR. ? Meaning?

All motion recorded on the memory card? Not else where?

After hooking up to wifi, can I watch live on the iphone?

Not pressured for subscription upgrade?

Apologize for all the questions. Appreciate your help.

I like the Wyze cameras. No subscription needed, inexpensive and a company I can trust.


Went with the Lorex camera 4k, stand alone with memory card. Can monitor with my iphone. Similar to the Preston recommendation. Ignore my questions above, did the research, so far so good!

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Sorry, William, I’ve been a little less active on here. I’m glad you found answers to your questions.

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Is the audio feed enabled /supported as well?
If not is there a hack to enable this?
I like the idea of having a single feed, with access to the virtual emergancy stop button.