Camera , record

Is there a way to record a timelapse on the camera we use? I have a wyze set up, and its awesome :slight_smile: but id love to just be able to create a timelape from within the OF software… Im sure thats a future thing if its not there. Just curious.

I’m not tracking that capability right now. It would be interesting to see an Octopi type approach to the OF SW where people can develop plugins outside the mainstream development. That would allow the community to evolve independently from the controller.


Yeah, thats exactly what I am thinking… I use octoprint for one of my printers today. Id love the option vs just having a camera separate from this one, to record a timelapse :slight_smile:

Since OF uses a RPI, I’m super curious if Octoprint can replace the Buildotics SW and still interface with the machine controller. I know there is already a CNC plugin for Octoprint. I’m not super down with tearing my controller apart to experiment, but if someone from OF is willing take it on I think it would be super interesting. Or mail me a separate controller to experiment with :slight_smile:


Not sure if there is a newer thread on this topic, but this is the one that came up when I searched…

From a PC on the same network as the Onefinity, use VLC, Open Network Stream and enter ip address/api/video, then you can click record in VLC.

Not a Time Lapse, but you can record the webcam…