What do you guys think of these spindles?

Good day, Fellas.

I’m thinking of upgrading to a different spindle over the recommended Makita one. Something like this 120v 3HP one, Was wondering if anyone has experience working with this, or something like this. I’m milling aluminum and the Makita onboard speed control knob keeps bumping down due to vibrations.

I think you’ll find that to run it you’ll need a dedicated 20 amp 120v circuit just for the spindle. 2.2kW (if it’s not overrated) on 120v will draw almost 20 amps. Grated you will most likely never push it to it’s full capabilities but none the less. If it was me I wouldn’t want to risk tripping a breaker in the middle of a project. Do you have 240v near by that you can use? Are you planning on needing the ability to use a 1/2 shank bit or need the full power of a 3hp spindle? If not 1.5kW spindle may be a better fit for you.