What is the maximum hight the machine can mill?

Hello, what is the maximum material hight I can work? I want to mainly do 3d shapes.

It would be dependant on where you mount your router/spindle, as in top/middle or bottom holes of the mounting bracket.

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The Z-Slider can be mount in 3 different position from 4-3/8 inch to 5-7/16 inch. Then it can move up/down for 5-1/4 inch (133mm). ref woodworker manual and min-soft-limit setting for motor 3 (Z) configuration.


Thank you Blaghislain and Pootaholic. Does it mean I can mill a 5’’ piece? Depending on the bit lenght?

If you’re able to z-zero you’re bit over you part then yes you can mill a 5" piece. I did not find the post but somebody have a removal/ajustable peace on his table so he can lower the part and achive what you want.

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Ok great! Thank you very much for your time!