Which AC input do I use on the Masso Pwr Supply

On the Masso power supply I received yesterday, with my Onefinity Foreman I am finishing up with installation today. I assume the AC input would be the male jack above the 3 fuses. I know what assume means, hence the question. The paper download instructions for Onefinity Elite say to plug the AC pwr cord into the AC Pwr Socket, (red arrow pointing to the one above the 3 fuses).
The printed version has “VACUUM” printed under the lower right male plug, but on the Pwr Supply I received, it says VAC AC under that male receptacle. As an electrician I have found most receptacle devises are female for receiving male plugs from say, a shop vac. It’s confusing to me as to why I have 2 cords for the power supply. I don’t want to plug this in and let the smoke get out because that’s when electronics seem to quit. First rule as an electrician, don’t let the smoke out.

So, where do I plug the input 110vac power cord (female end) into the power supply before I plug the male side of the cord to the wall receptacle? Secondly, what is the other power cord for?

 I have the PWN spindle on order, but unfortunately they have a shortage of motors and hope to get them in this week.  I am please I received my Foreman about 3 weeks sooner than I had anticipated, as it gives me time to get it all put together, and wired up for "air runs" until I get the PWN.  Wish me luck.
 Side note, my machine came without the stop/homing sensors installed, and the instructions don't say a dang word about them, except to hook up the wires.  Yes, I figured that out all by myself, but it would be nice for accurate, detailed, instructions.

Hey Bub,

Watch The Fine Video

Image 1: Elite Series power connections on power supply


Read The Fine Manual
→ page 24 for Homing Sensor Installation
→ page 42 for Router Installation

under onefinitycnc.comSupport

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Wow, I’ve watched that video at least 3 times before I received my 1F yesterday. Guess I should have watched it 4 times, actually I was watching it while assembling my machine. I should have finished it but went with the downloaded instructions for some weird reason.
Thanks again for your answer, and patience with my ignorance. Sure glad your here.