Wiper Comes Loose (White plastic ring on ball screw)

It’s a pretty easy fix, a set screw (or two) must have just come loose a bit. We’ve attached a picture showing one side of the gold/bronze piece (the ball screw) out of the block (remove the two hex bolts from the bronze piece holding it to the black metal block. Once you remove those, slide the block back and the ball screw will come out. you’ll notice (from the picture i attached) there’s two small holes on the sides of the circle part. They are set screws. Back them out a bit, then push the white wiper back into the ball screw as far as you can. Then turn the set screws down evenly on each side to hold the wiper in place. Don’t over tighten. Just hand tighten enough then move the ball screw. You’ll be able to ‘feel’ if it can move and you’re good or if it can’t and you’ve over tightened it. Once that’s done, just reverse the previous disassembly, and you should be good to go.