Y-axis ballscrew retainer came loose - fix?

So, very first job out of the box is routing some holes for a wasteboard and I notice the RH Y-axis ballscrew has started to shimmy after 6 minutes of runtime. Paused the job and I see that the RH front (non-motor side) ballscrew retainer has walked itself completely out of its housing.

The retainer looks like white delrin or nylon with a set screw.

Checked the forums but I don’t see this covered anywhere in Support topics. Is the fix simply loosening the set screw, winding/screwing the retainer back into its housing and tightening the set screw?


This happened to someone else and they described it and the fix in the forum (I believe 1F support also provided them support at that time to fix it). I will look for it, but hopefully they will respond to your post with the help you need - just letting you know the answer is out there.

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Heck, I had a couple come loose so I just pushed them back in and tightened the set screw. Haven’t had a problem since.

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Thanks. I loosened the set screw on the white plastic ‘plug’ (wiper), pushed it as far into the ballscrew housing as it would go and tightened down the set screw.

All seems to be well.


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This item is just a wiper/dust guard and has no function as a retainer for the ballscrew.

Yep, check you setscrews, mine came out 1/2 way thru my 1st cut.

The Z-Axis hit it causing the X to miss steps. Luckily I caught it before it messed up too bad.

Reinserted, tightened, homed, zeroed the Z, and started over.