Sloppy Carvings... loose axis?

Getting the new 1F up and running and struggling with getting a quality surface. In the below photos, the left piece is made on the old CNC, the one on the right on the new 1F.

I do seem to have a little play on the X axis, very minimal but can feel and hear the “clicking” when pushing the axis left and right.

Figured I’d ask the group here before attempting to tighten anything up. I see the large nut at the end of the X axis, if I need to tighten that, how do you hold on to the shaft to stop it from spinning?


I believe I saw in a 1F instructional video the use of vice grips, and a rag wrapped on the ball screw to protect it from the jaws.

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The ball nut was the cause of the play in the Y axis, it has about 0.5mm play on it with the retaining rings loosened. I was able to tighten the plastic retainers and get it down to 0.025mm repeatability, not “perfect” like the Y and Z axis, but pretty small error overall. Unfortunately this did not completely fix the issue, it certainly helped the Y axis but something is still not right. I may need to reach out to support…

PS. Are these ball nuts available for purchase somewhere? (Trying to get back on my feet sooner than later as I packaged up the old CNC to sell it… )

Just bringing this to a close, there were actually 2 things going on here… First off, we found some chatter on the Z axis that was causing vibrations during the cut, 1F support took care of that immediately (great job guys!).

Second “issue” is that I’m machining a 3D object full of ARCs and the 1F does not do ARCs. I was not aware of this so I assumed it was a mechanical issue. Luckily it seems like it’s just a matter of finding the right settings… More on this here: Lets talk about ARCs and Circles

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