Wooden Gear Clocks

I am pretty fascinated with wooden gear clocks. Does anyone have experience in cutting and making any kind of visible gear clock?

I have seen Clayton Boyer’s designs Wooden Gear Clock Plans by Clayton Boyer which are pretty incredible. Also have found wooden gear clocks https://wooden-gear-clocks.com website, also good.

Just curious who has made one, tips and tricks, what design did you use, make your own design…??


I’ve built many of Clayton’s clocks over the years, and I highly recommend them. The plans and instructions are clear and Clayton is very generous with his advice. His “Genesis” or “Simplicity” designs are a great place to start. I would also highly recommend his “Practical Guide” book before starting your project. After digesting that, and building one or two clocks, you’ll be ready to strike out with your own unique design. The last two clocks I built were on a CNC machine, and worked out OK, but the Onefinity should give a much higher level of precision, which is why I bought one. I’m currently starting a modified version of Clayton’s “Marble Strike”, which should be a worthy challenge. If you decide to go ahead, feel free to reach out, I’ll be more than happy to help.


Thank you! Appreciate the words and invitation for help! Looking forward to it