Work Coordinate Systems for Multiple Parts

If I have a part I would like to batch out with multiple WCS Offsets, how do I do that? I have the toolpath in Fusion creating 4 WCS offsets (G54,G55,G56, G57) paths in the program.

Is there a way to handle this with the Onefinity Controller? Not finding anything in the controller, forum or buildbotics forum. I would prefer to not clone the model and generate a toolpath that covers all 4 locations as I risk a different path on each being generated.

Ultimately I think my question is how do i set the offsets for G54, G55, etc. The camotics documentation references they are valid gcodes and they link to linuxcdc documentation which calls out a var file.

Putting this here for me for next time, or anyone else who wants to batch out parts…

Here is a screenshot of what I was going for. I was jigging a single part in the lower left corner and cutting one at a time. This allows me to jig 4 blanks and cut 4 before going back to the machine.

Define your xyz zero for each location by putting this before your toolpath begins (P1 relates to G54, P2: G55, P3 G56 etc.) The below will do a 2x2 layout of parts 12" apart on both axis.

N21 G10 L2 P1 X0 Y0 (N## is line number and may vary - X0 Y0 is initial zero as set in controller)
N22 G10 L2 P2 X12 Y0 (X12 Y0 shifts 12 units on X and 0 on Y)
N23 G10 L2 P3 X12 Y12 (X12 Y12 shifts the 3rd part 12 units on Y and same X as second part)
N24 G10 L2 P4 X0 Y12 (X0 Y12 shifts the 4th part to the same X plane as part 1 and Y plane as part 3)

Then in your toolpath you likely will have a G53 which says start at origin. You can manually copy your tool path 3 times and update the 4 G53 entries to G54, G55, G56 and G57 respectively. Alternately if you are using Fusion 360 you can tell it to do multiple offsets. (see Fusion 360 CAM WCS Setup Duplication - YouTube)

The only oddity I have found is when simulating in CamMotics The origin is attached to the expected location but on the upper right cut instead of the lower left. In the controller preview while cutting all cut activity shows on the lower left object even though it shows all 4 in the simulation and does cut in the correct places on the physical cut.

So yeah… you can batch parts… guessing there are ways in tools and other options but here is what I found. I look forward to other solutions from others.

And yes… there are more efficient\compact fixture options… but hey… this is my first CNC and I am learning :innocent:

1 Like is also a great link for diving deeper into the base supported options in the controller as the buildbotics controller is based off of this.

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This was fusion 360.

Hi BJ, this is extremely helpful thank you! I tested my first g-code and found something a bit strange. The X and Y for the G54 are not 0 (see below). That is puzzling to me any idea why that is?

N35 G0 X1.9953 Y-1.6669

Might need more context, but the line provided is simply doing a rapid move to the X,Y specified. I presume this is the first location where a cut will take place? Need to know what occurs prior to really provide more info.

Hi Tim,

My apologizes, but I have never read G-Code before. The Original post has N21 G10 associated to the X0 and Y0, but my code does not have either N21 or G10.

Would it be easier for me to copy and paste the entire multiple WCS file?

Yeah if you provide the code we can see what it is doing.

N21 is just the line number (not a gcode), the G10 in his specific instance is part of the work offsets commands. So probably unrelated to your code.

Thanks @Hermsen.BJ, just spent the last 20 minutes trying to figure out how to actually setup the other WCS within the controller software, tried changing with a G55 in MDI, but didn’t seem to change anything. Kind of dumb that we have to resort to changing the gcode manually, as I’m ultimately jogging around to find these coordinates anyway. Just another nail in the coffin for 1F/BB Controller (software).

In theory you could probably pull the setup and header from the gcode and run that in mdi prior to pushing play but not sure. There is code in buildbotics that is not implemented yet to handle wcs so it may come. I am comfortable doing it in the gcode because of how my work flow works.

What’s people’s latest experience here with multiple WCS?
I’m working in Fusion360 and want to tile a full size plywood sheet into 48 x 26 sections.
I’m planning to use locator holes + dowels to correctly align the piece.

In Fusion360 I have stock contour restrictions on the steps and have set the WCS zero for each section/tile/setup.

Now I’m trying to understand the produced gcode but haven’t found a good way to interpret and verify it.

Any suggestions?
Is there a BuildBotics simulator out there?
Any trusted/good gcode reference sources?

Check out camotics… I don’t recall itlf it shows anything for wcs though as it really is a repeat after moving to offset type operation

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Not sure if this helps but have you tried this f360 plugin to map out multiple parts on a single sheet.
MapBoards Pro | Fusion 360 | Autodesk App Store

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Thanks much. This saved me a lot of time and got me to the back of the book quickly.



I set this up as one large file. I’m using a master wasteboard based on the Myers Woodshop design with 1/4" mdf spoilboards under the work piece.
I use Carbide Create to set up my files.