X50 Ballscrew Hole Diameter

I’m working with a creator who sells TPU wipers for the ballscrews and linear rods. His design for the 35mm axis is fantastic. I’ve taken some measurements to assist him in creating a TPU wiper for the 50mm axis (x, on my machine). I’ve measured the bearing block, but I can’ quite get my calipers in the right position to measure the diameter of the hole on the left side of the ball screw passage on the X50 x-axis. It’s wider on the right side where the carriage block mounts (32 mm). I’m guessing it’s close to 28.5mm - but my confidence in that measurement is low.

@OnefinityCNC - can you assist with the measurement of this hole so we can get a TPU wiper designed (and hopefully keep dust from killing my ballscrew)?


Do you have images of the 35 mm products you mention?

I bought them from Boorg on etsy. They seem to work well on my Y-axis.

Thank you. Happy to know they are working.