Z-20 Offsets from original for fixture 'recalibration'

Not sure this is the right category, but it has to do with my ‘wasteboards’

I have two jigs / fixtures that use reference pins for alignment on my table base. I use this so I can quickly swap between the jigs / fixtures and standard MDF wasteboards. The CAM for the fixtures is referenced to the 0,0 point of the original offsets of the standard 80mm spindle carrier. I then cut the locations of the reference pins directly from the 0,0 of the machine with the standard 80mm spindle carrier. This meant, I could simply place my fixtures down on my table base, using my reference pins for alignment and run the same program over and over and over again as my stock materials were referenced to additional reference pins on the top of the fixture, without having to re Zero or making any adjustments.

I need to ‘recalibrate’ my CAM setup for these fixtures and jigs now that I have upgraded to a Z-20 spindle carrier. What is the distance the centerline of the spindle is shifted forward when moving from the standard spindle carrier with 80mm spindle to the Z-20 carrier with 80mm spindle?

Hey Tyler,

This forum already has recorded the difference between Z-16 65 mm stock router/spindle mount and Z-16 80 mm spindle mount:

To my knowledge the measurement you request is not known. If you measure it, posting it on the forum will surely be appreciated.

As usual, the measurement is lacking on

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