Z-20 slider with Suck It dust boot

Just a word of caution. I installed the Z-20 Heavy duty slider on my X-50 Woodworker and noticed that the x home position is now shifted over some and with the dust boot installed the arm on the left side no longer clears the front left y axis mounting block. Noticed this before it was too late!

I am looking into mounting a block on the upper part of the dust boot mounting slot on the left edge of the slider so I can use a bolt for the stall homing therefore moving it back to the right or + x direction enough to clear the Suck It mounting arm.

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I just installed my new heavy duty Z-slider and noticed this exact same thing. There is an offset in the X direction of about a 1/2". The easy fix for this is to install a 5mm socket head screw in the hole in the slider block. I used a 16mm long screw and it works great. The X travel isn’t centered perfectly between the left and right rails, but it is much closer. More importantly, the screw prevents the dust boot from colliding with the rails.

The offset in the Y direction is closer to .8 inches. This isn’t much of a problem unless you have dog holes in your spoil board to locate things because those locations will now be incorrect. The solution to that is to replace the top layer of your spoil board and machine new dog holes using the new Y zero as reference.

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