Z axis counter balance for the Journeyman Elite 2.2KW Spindle

something planned that goes wrong and is a complete failure, usually in an embarrassing way

I’m going to take exception to your use of Fiasco. The electric brake was a more expensive solution. But it was definitely not a failure. All it took was the courage to try something a little more complicated. I have not had a single drop since I installed this.

Just saying…

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We’ve introduced a new add on, the z-20 motor brake. This is a plug and play solution that requires no extra hardware, wiring, or external drivers. When power is removed from the machine, the motor locks in place holding your spindle and z-slider in their current location. We’ve tested this up to 150lbs. of holding force. This break is an Official Onefinity product, therefore, it is officially supported and will not void your warranty.

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YIPEE, fiasco avoided…

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So when are they going to be shipped?

Already shipping. coming soon.