Z probing on my onefinity CNC with carveco plus

I’m creating a 3d wavy flag and my rough cut w/ a 1/4” end mill is doing great! My question is on the second tool path that is a 1/16” end mill. I probed my first tool path with the x,y,Z probe tool but I can’t do that with the second tool path because the material will no longer be there. So do I just probe for Z at the highest point of the roughed out material when I change out the bit for the second tool path?

There is no need to re-probe the X or Y axis as long as you don’t shut down your machine. You would need to probe the Z at some spot that was at the same height as where you probed originally though. For stuff like this where the spot that you would probe will be carved away I prefer to set the Z-zero from the wasteboard rather than material surface, but this doesn’t really help you with your already in-progress project.

One thing you might try is to attach a scrap piece somewhere off to the side and mill it down to your current Z-zero height, before you remove the 1/4" bit. Then you can re-zero from that piece.