Problem with Multi-Toolpaths

I am trying to use the multi-toolpath process but so far it has been unsuccessful
to say the least. Using Easel Pro, I export the G-code for the file (a coaster). Since I have selected 2 bits (1/8 for roughing and 1/32 for detail) it produces 2 files. My understanding is that after running the roughing file, I need to load the detail file and re-home and re-zero the bit.
The problem is making sure the zero-point is EXACTLY the same for the 2nd file. Whether I use the probe or do it manually, I have not been able to achieve that level of exactness and the resulting carve is offset - so much so that is destroys the fine detail.
Is there a way around running 2 files? Alternately, how are you getting the exact same zero-point. I am desperate to do this since running 1 bit for the whole job runs about 5 hours per coaster!

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I have no experience with the 1F controller, but I will say it goes against all logic to rehome the machine between the 1st and 2nd cuts. It should only be necessary to probe the bit, your existing home and part zero should still be good.

Edit: 5 hours per coaster?!? Would love to see one when you get one finished!

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don’t X/Y rehome. Just do a probe Z zero for the new bit


When you run the finish file just reprobe and you should be right on exactly.

I set up the job again, homed and zeroed the router and went to work. After the roughing file was done, I loaded the detail file, ONLY Z-probed the bit, and hit ‘Go’. Everything appeared to be functioning as it should until I got to 95% done and the controller locked up. No way to get it to move, so I had to do a hard reset which lost my previous home and zero coordinates (different thread:

Will try this again when I get the new controller installed. Thanks for all the comments - nice to have a great community to draw on!

I use UGS on an X-carve. I use a 3 axis probe similar to the one sold by OneFinity to find the workpiece corner. Then I start the 1st cut. After the the 1st cut (I call it the rough cut), I change bits and rehome. I do the rehome in case I have moved the spindle when changing the bit. Then I do a new Z zero because Im using a different bit. UGS keeps my old x,y. Then I start the 2nd cut.

Not sure why your machine locked up but @EdwoodCrafting is correct about the procedure. You should only need to home your machine once, when you first turn it on. After positioning your material, you need to zero X, Y, Z either with the probe or manually, if, for example, your starting position is in the center of the material. After running the first tool path, replace the bit and re-zero Z. Since you haven’t moved the material, X and Y have not changed.