Trouble homing the work material

Hello I just purchased the x50 journeyman why is it that when I home my work piece from bottom left x y z green lights come on but when it starts to cut it glides like 1/4” above work piece so to cut 1/4” on work piece I have to program it to cut 1/2” to cut 1/4”” and yes it takes twice as long because first half is just above work piece! Thank you very much if you can help me out! JG

What CAD software are you using? If you are zero-ing off the spoilboard then you need to also set your zero in the software to the bottom of your workpiece.

Easel I am zeroing to top of work piece

And top of bottom left on work piece

Are you using the Onefinity Touch Probe to Zero your workpiece coordinates?

No I am not using a touch probe I am just putting the tip of bit on the lower corner of work piece! I didn’t thinki needed the touch probe I thought it would work with out it I was using the paper method!

I guess I need to order a touch probe I didn’t purchase one with machine!

I can share that the probe is really helpful. Charley, the guy who makes them, also sells a really helpful software “toolbox” for $20 that gets that probe measured to the gnat’s eyelash so your XYZ probe actions are virtually perfect. He also has a free spreadsheet tool that will help you get your bigger ball screws calibrated precisely. Onefinity chose a good partner in Charley’s Triquetra company.

First off there’s homing and there’s zeroing. This can be a little confusing to people new to a cnc router. Homing is always to the same position, Z to as high as it can go, X as far left as it can go, and Y as far forward as it can go. The zero is set to the piece of work. Hopefully I’m not coming off demeaning, I’m not trying to be. It’s just helpful for new people to understand the terms to avoid confusion.

You shouldn’t need the touch probe. It’s nice to have but isn’t required. I assume that you are having problems when you are setting the Z axis zero. I have never used Easel but I suspect that’s where your problem is. A simple test would be to download the 1F logo G-code that they use to make the test piece they ship with the 1F. I believe it’s done with a 1/4" end mill, do you have one? If so I would set up the zero the same way as you always do and run that program on some scrap wood. If it works as expected then I think you will have limited the problem to Easel.