Need advice/ help

I am running into problems at trying to pick up where I left off on this carve.

The problem is is that I need to finish a 1/16 inch pass to clean up the letters but I can’t get the file to start in the correct spot.

I saved the two toolpaths and uploaded them. Unfortunately when I start the profile carve it is offset from where the letters are setting and I have to quickly stop the carve or it will ruin it.

Does anyone know how to start a carve from a specific point on the workpiece and tell it to carve from that orientation?

You mention that you have 2 files. If you set the zero point to be the same on both files, you should be able to switch bits, reset zero on the Z AXIS ONLY, and then start the second file. The machine will remember the X/Y zero point for you. This is the recommended way to run multiple files.

It sounds like you have done something different, and now the X/Y zero point is no longer at the same spot as the first carve. You can see this if you press the “bullseye” icon in the middle of the control grid - it will move the router to where it thinks the X/Y zero point is now.

To fix this, you need to reset the X/Y zero to where it should be for your file. If that was at the lower left corner of the material - you’re in luck, you can just re-probe for zero and continue. If you had zero in the middle of the carve, finding that zero spot will now be impossible - you likely will need to start over again with a new piece of wood.

Feel free to ask questions if this doesn’t make sense - I went a little fast, but didn’t want to write a book if I didn’t need to!

Lately at the start of a job I’ve been writing down the XY zeros in machine coordinates in case I lose them. Then worst case I can rehome and MDI a move to the original zeros and re-zero work coordinates. Rehoming should be repeatable to +/-.002 in. Re-probing adds another error amount. I wish there was a way to store these in memory somewhere so I didn’t have to write them down.

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I have been writing down XY cords too, because I am doing a lot of V-Carve with laser fill signs. With the laser i turn down the power and start the job to make sure of the alignment and make any adjustments based on whether where the laser is working or not. This is not one step and done but I would set the Z just a bit off the material so you can watch the cutter and slow down the speed so you see if it will start where you want it to. If not got backward or forwards down your command list to find the right starting spot. Then reset height and speed and finish the curve. Nice job by the way!

You could always snap a pic with your phone - probably faster than writing the coordinates down. Not as good as the software saving it somewhere by a little better than pen & paper.

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