Using Easel with 2 gcodes Roughing and Detail

Ok still learning just trying to ensure I’m doing it right. So I load my 1st gcode for roughing pass, probe then carve. When completed load detail gcode, re-probe then carve. I use Easel for everything that’s what I learned with, bought desk top pro but I haven’t used it yet. Appreciate the help ahead of time.

@jbirch, I’m not really sure I see a question here. Are you asking if that is correct, or just making a statement of how you do things? If its a question, then my answer would be yes that is how I use Easel. I create each tool path in the bottom path manager then save each design/cut section as a separate GCode export files then just execute them in the appropriate order changing tools as I go.


@jbirch - like Alex I’m a little confused. You don’t need to re-probe (zero) or re-home if you are using the same bit. If you are switching bits, you only need to re-zero the Z-Axis (assuming the work piece doesn’t move).


Just to offer some assurance, I am the maker of the OF touch plates. @cyberreefguru is correct. Once you have probed all three axis for a job, the X and Y zero location will never change regardless of the bit you switch to. This is because the X Y zero is actually the centerline of the spindle. Your design software knows this and makes an allowance for the bit diameter you choose in your design for any given tool path. However it can not determine the bit length and change your Z zero. So you need to zero just the Z axis after any bit change.

One exception to the X Y zero rule here is that if you are doing a two sided carving. Meaning you carve on the front of the wood then flip it over to carve on the back or if you change the origin location for some reason. In that case you would likely need to zero all three axis again.

Sorry for the confusion I answered my own question when I ran my first test carve on the 1F.

My OneFinity is to arrive on Tuesday and can’t wait to try it out. I plan to use Easel at least for now and am curious when using 2 different bits for a carve, how are the file types saved? Is it just one gcode or does it create separate gcodes for each bit? If it is all one gcode, will it prompt for the bit change? Do you then just indicate the new bit size and just re-probe “Z” again with the touch probe flipped over? Any help/recommendations are appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

I have an X-carve and have ordered the OnefinityCNC. Easel will let you download 2 gcode files. One for the rouch cut and one for the detail cut. I would think on the Onefinity you would load the rough cut bit, locate the workpiece corner including z height and do the carve. Then, you would change to the detail cut bit, load the detail cut gcode file, reset your z height (x and y as well if necessary) and execute the gcode file.

Hi Lynn,
Can you advise how to generate the 2 gcodes in Easel? I have many designs that require a clearing pass with say a 1/4” but and finishing pass with a vbit or say a 1/32” bit. Since this is my fist CNC, I am a newbie and have found how to generate and export the Easel gcode but haven’t noticed it downloading 2 gcodes on one workpiece. Thanks!

Go to this video. Two Stage Carving in Easel (Easier Than You Think!) - YouTube

At the 6 minute mark he shows setting up 2 bits. You can then go to Machine pulldown menu and select Advanced. Then select “Generate G-code”. Then 2 green buttons show up, one to export the rough carve gcode and another to export the detail carve gcode.

Thank you Lynn! I really appreciate your explanation and link to the video.

Hello @CNCNewbie it has been a while since this post and I didn’t see the answer or maybe understand the answer. Using easel and doing a 2 bit carve. Can you do it all with one g-code or must you make 2? Will OF prompt you to change the bit if in fact the carve can be done with a single g-code. If you can help me on this I would really appreciate it! Thank you

Hello, Easel will generate 2 different g codes. You start with the roughing pass which is typically your bigger bit and once that g code is finished, the machine will return itself to your zero point. You then change your bit by raising only the z (height of the router) and re-zero the z after the bit change is complete. You then select your 2nd g code for the detailed pass which is typically your smaller bit or a vbit. I have done numerous 2 bit cuts and it is very easy to do. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank you I will for sure be in touch. I appreciate your feedback, it saved a lot of head scratching.


@jbirch i just started to try using 2 bit carving and I need a little help. I uploaded a file it had a roughing code and finish code embedded. At the end of the roughing code the machine paused. I stopped the router and went to change bits. I could not move the z slider in order for me to access the bit. Any advice on what I need to do for a successful bit change.

I’m using two different size bits. For the rough cut I’m using a 1/4" down cut bit. For the detailed pass I’m using a 1/8" bull nose. I tell the CNC the bit size when I do the XYZ probe. When I do the detailed pass I do the Z probe. There is no where to tell the CNC what size bit I’m using with the Z probe. Do I need to do something to tell the CNC that I have changed the diameter of the bit on the second pass?