Depth difference between roughing and detail pass

why do I have a cut depth difference from rough to detail

Could be a number of reasons, what are you using to generate your g-code and are you using the same tool for both operations?

I am using Easle and roughing with a 1/8 upcut and final pass with 60 degrees v bit

After the tool change you are re-probing or resetting your Z height off the same spot you used for the first tool?

yes that is why i’m so confused with this process

Yes that is odd, is your roughing pass configured to leave some additional stock for the finishing pass to clean up?

not that I know of where do I check for that

I am not familiar with Easel, a quick search looks like there is no option for stock to leave in the application. Do you have a picture of the issue?

I’m not completely familiar with the settings but I’m building up a project that uses two paths as well. From what I can tell the roughing pass allows for a set amount of material be removed and a small amount to be left behind so that the clean up pass actually has some material left to machine out.

I think you can zero out the offset and have them be the same but that wouldn’t make since as your finish pass would have nothing to cut.

Do you have software you recommend for the Onefinity

Onefinity support listed out the most popular options:

I personally use Fusion 360 for most of my work because it works well for what I make although it is less than good in how it handles svg (vector graphic) type imports, large files will slow it to a crawl even on a 24 core machine. It also has a pretty steep learning curve if you’re new to CAD/CAM.