Rough out 80% of the cut with .375 then the last 20% with .250

I want to do two sets of Roughing out. first with a 0.375 bit and then with 0.250

For example. I want to hog out the 80% of the cut with .375 and then the last 20% with .250

How do I tell Vcarve where to stop cutting and begin cutting for the next part of the cut?

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2 tool paths with the different bits/depths? Best to use 2 tool paths anyway when changing bits on a Onefinity CNC.

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how do I control the different depths? on the two tool paths?

Are you doing 3D tool paths?

Do a roughing path with the larger bit. Then do a second roughing path with the smaller bit. Set the start height were you left off on the larger bit and the final depth a little lower (otherwise your smaller bit will just move all over the space already cut). I am assuming that is why you are doing 80/20%. I.e. 80% of depth then the last 20%. Maybe you can explain better what it is you are trying to do and why?

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