Finishing pass plunges too deep

Using Easel Pro w Sainsmart 3018-prover.
My rough pass goes fine; the spindle returns to the XY position where it started.
I tell easel to start the finishing pass.
I raise the spindle and change bits, carefully not moving the bed in X or Y.
I Z-probe with the new bit.
I say carve.
The spindle moves to a reasonable corner of the roughed-out model, but then plunges WAY too deep. I turn it off before it breaks the bit.
This is in a piece of 1/2" pine., the finishing bit is a 1/8" ballnose bit.
I had to define that bit as a custom bit. It’s actually from my Dremel kit: it’s a shaft with a ball on the end - no flutes.
Does Easel think it has cutting flutes, so It can plunge in almost the full 1/2" and then move left or right while cutting a path for itself?

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