Finishing pass plunges too deep

Using Easel Pro w Sainsmart 3018-prover.
My rough pass goes fine; the spindle returns to the XY position where it started.
I tell easel to start the finishing pass.
I raise the spindle and change bits, carefully not moving the bed in X or Y.
I Z-probe with the new bit.
I say carve.
The spindle moves to a reasonable corner of the roughed-out model, but then plunges WAY too deep. I turn it off before it breaks the bit.
This is in a piece of 1/2" pine., the finishing bit is a 1/8" ballnose bit.
I had to define that bit as a custom bit. It’s actually from my Dremel kit: it’s a shaft with a ball on the end - no flutes.
Does Easel think it has cutting flutes, so It can plunge in almost the full 1/2" and then move left or right while cutting a path for itself?

This forum is for users with onefinity cnc machines only. You’ll want to go to the Sainsmart forums to post your question or better yet, get a onefinity :slight_smile:


I received my Elite a week ago. All set up and working. Using VCarve Pro. First two jobs came out ok. Now after running profile and roughing pass and no problems. Now starting the finishing pass, reset the Z, rewind, and send the finish file. The router goes to the proper X and Y but goes too deep on the Z and I have to stop the machine. Tried everything I can think of including different jobs. Any one else have this problem. Wood carving 2.5 D.

Hi, so not sure if you tried this or not but I was having the same issue and the fix was easy. I noticed it only happened if I left the z height at 0 and then ran the code. If after zeroing out you raise z height a quarter inch or some positive number it won’t happen. Guessing some type of glitch in the matrix…Anyways hope it’s that simple for ya, good luck!

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Found my problem to be too much dust in the collet nut which apparently was acting as a lubricant when putting another bit in. Try taking the nut completely off and making sure there isn’t any dust left behind. I started doing this and tightening the nut a little tighter and no more problems.

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surely we are big enough to help a fellow CNC’er.
1)don’t use a burr from dremel, they cannot clear the chips and just burn their wayin the wood.
A lot of stl files do the full depth outline first and that challenges small bits.
try setting your detail bit higher than the probe block 0 and see if you can cheat the detail cut to the depth you want.

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