New Onfinity Journeyman user with Easel Software

I have had this machine for a couple years and finally have the space to use it. I am using Easel Pro and I am trying to do my first simple cut and my depth is just too deep. I have set the wood stock thickness and have adjusted the text dept on the cut tab yet the actual cut is still going deeper and into my waste-board.

My cut project is just text, so nothing fancy and I just cannot seem to get the depth worked out. Also when the Makita Router transitions from one character to the second character it does not raise up off the wood far enough to prevent damage to the other letters. It just transitions sideways and cuts the path to the next letter even though I did not want that area cut.

I have used the Onefinity probe to set the Z Axis so that is not the issue.

Any suggestions?



Sounds like a zeroing issue. It’s likely there is an inconsistency between where you’re telling your software you’re going to zero your bit and where you’re actually zeroing.

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