1/4" Hex Shank in a Trim Router

Has anyone used 1/4" hex shank in the Makita Trim Router. I want to mount a countersink bit in there.

I need to drill a 128 countersink holes precisely.

I don’t have an answer for putting a hex shank in the Makita router but I’ve used spot drills and 30 degree v-bits for countersink operations in wood, works ok.

John, you would probably need to procure a drill chuck in order to hold that size hex shank properly.
Only other option I can think of would be to use a chamfer cutter & either plunge to the required depth or use circular cutting to obtain the right size.

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Or just buy a 1/4" shank countersink bit. I’ve had really good success with this style.

McMaster-Carr Page:


Isn’t the rpms too high for that application? Have you considered using a V bit for the countersinking?

I would not spin one of those that fast. They are no where close to being balanced and are for a hand held drill or drill press.


@Alphonse I like to live dangerously… :sweat_smile:

@ConvenientWoodwork I was really trying to get away with one operation but might have to pick one of those up regardless. The other countersink bit I have is horrible. It works well on wood?

Bummer, thanks for the dimensions @Machinist

So my crazy plan right now, is I bought a #5 Whiteside countersink which fits an 1/8 bit. I have an 1/8 collet so hopefully it all works out. Had to order it from a kind of sketch site so hopefully it shows up.

Its not worth it to me to buy the Amana cnc countersink bit and a new collet from ToolsToday. Seems like the picked an odd size for the shaft on that but then again I am not a machinist.

THat could work, but I would be wary of slippage on the bit, especially with that many holes. What material are you going to be working with? This, like the normal c’sink bit, it not made for excessively high RPM’s .

Also it is broken up over the course of 32 pieces so I can check it periodically.

I will set it to the lowest speed.

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