1/4" vs 1/8" shank bits

I’m just starting out and most of my bits are 1/4" diameter; all are 1/4" shank. If I wanted to use some 1/8" bits is there any reason to get a 1/8" collet when I can just use a 1/8" bit that has a 1/4" shank? For exmple: This one on Amazon

If you can find all the sizes you need that have a 1/4 shank there is no reason to buy the 1/8th collet and bits. However, there are lots of bit sizes (specially in the smaller diameters.) in 1/8 shank that you will not find with a 1/4shank. When you get to the really small stuff you will end up needing the smaller collet.

Ok, thanks! Just making sure I wasn’t missing out on some other advantage.